The Eden Project

Described as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’, the Eden Project lives up to its name. A former clay pit at St Austell has been transformed into a ‘living theatre of people and plants’ with futuristic grandeur – its two giant greenhouses (or ‘biomes) could have been in a sci-fi series. Think of David-Bellamy-meets-Dr-Who and you’ll get the picture. We were struck by the vastness of the site, with those huge conservatories nestled deep in the quarry. Big enough to house the Tower of London, the larger biome recreates the climate of the ‘Humid Tropics’, with plants from Amazonia, West Africa, Malaysia and the Oceanic Islands. Inside, we stood in awe at the rainforest splendour around us with banana trees, cola plants, giant lilies, rubber plants, bamboo house, waterfall – you name it – all under one roof. We’d walked into an Indiana Jones adventure.