Dream Island

We decided to fill our time exploring the setting of the highly popular BBC series Ballykissangel. We found members of the TV crew spaying liquid dirt onto the local pub – allegedly to make it look more authentically ‘Irish’. If I was Irish, I would’ve felt insulted! Still, the TV show is obviously good for the town, and brings the beauty of Ireland to peak-time viewing.

We looked round the parish church at the end of the main street, with a ‘vote for peace’ poster facing it just across the road. I bought a half-ton of books about Ireland and the Celts from Fitzgerald’s Crafts. Then came the 10am watershed. Breakfast time! And we trooped – crew and all – into the local…post office? Yes, the place they use for the Ballykissangel post office is actually a cafe with a false front. We had a feast there.