Ancient Sounds Of Ulster

Irish musicians could be on the threshold of a new golden age for their craft. All they need now are the audiences. ‘There’s a lot more musicians in Ireland, a lot of young musicians playing all over the country,’ said accomplished uilleann piper John McSherry. ‘But getting them and their friends to come out to gigs is hard.’

Now he had his own mates will show how it’s done. John, Dónal O’Connor and Seán Óg Graham have formed a new band Ulaid – the ancient name for the people of Ulster – and brought out their first album together. The whole project feels fresh and alive, yet as the title suggests, it’s also rooted way back in the misty past.

Traditional sounds are treated to a new twist with tracks from the fast and furious The Ramblers to the soothing and reflective The Return To Madagascar. There’s plenty to enjoy from this trio.