About Me

david suchet 3

I was offered an interview with David Suchet. Of course I’d take it. My photographer friend Chris Gander and I drove to the set of Poirot. We spent the whole day with him. I learned so much from being on set with David from dawn till dusk.

Such experiences have been common as I’ve grown up in my profession. I’ve worked alongside photographers, designers, film makers, musicians, singers, actors – in every area of the media. I bring that depth, variety and richness to my assignments.

I apply my key skills of research and writing to every situation – from creating a press release to planning a launch campaign, from writing a slogan to editing a manual. Whatever the job, it’s an open and shut case. Content is king.

What others say about me and my work:

‘A breath of fresh air to work with’ – Diane Louise Jordan, TV presenter.

‘We can’t believe the new slant you have given’ – Margaret McAvoy, former director of Breifne.

‘Brilliant storytelling’ – Adrian Plass, writer and speaker.

‘We owe a large debt of gratitude to Clive Price who led us through the editing process’ – Sue Coe and Lorraine Wapling, World Vision.

‘Clive Price, Editor Supremo’ – Bob Grace, former plugger and publisher for David Bowie, The Spice Girls and Dusty Springfield.